Eden Reforestation Projects invites YOU to make a difference by joining the Eden League

What is the Eden League?

  • The Eden League is a group of difference-makers committed to changing the world for the better one month at a time.
  • We are looking for 500 people who want to protect nature and help impoverished nations.

Is that you? Then keep on scrolling!

What does your membership help to provide?

Restored Environments

by planting trees...

Planting trees in deforested nations and protecting existing forests is part of Eden's mission in changing the world for the better.

  • Planting trees restores the land
  • Planting trees reduces carbon
  • Planting trees restores ecosystems

Restored Families

by hiring villagers...

What makes Eden unique from other conservation efforts is the Employ-to-Plant methodology. Hiring local villagers to restore their forests provides stable incomes for families in impoverished nations.

  • Parents can afford to send their children to school
  • Creating jobs creates financial freedom for hurting families

Restored Homes

by rebuilding forests...

When forests are restored to their natural beauty, animals big and small begin to thrive again in their natural habitat.

  • Restoring forests provides hope for endangered species
  • Wildlife can be protected and reintroduced in flourishing forests

"I'm interested! What more do I need to know?"

  • A minimum monthly donation of $10 plants 100 trees and provides one day of employment for a village worker. That's 1,200 trees a year!

Don't wait until the new year... start impacting lives and become an environmental hero today!